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The album "the Chernobyl dust"


The album «the Chernobyl dust" быль is written down in the shortest terms. The album comprises set of various styles of music, and the general name of style Gas-mask rock. The album contains 9 tracks, including the song with the same name the Chernobyl dust which has impulsed for a recording of the album in such style as she. The album is written on motives S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And post-nuclear subjects. After a while the group ASPHALT promises to present a clip on a song of "a death Eye» which removes UPV АРТ of GROUPS. All scenario of a clip has been written UPV АРТ of GROUPS. The clip, as well as an album too acts in film on motives STALKER and post-nuclear subjects.


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