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Am I really talking to the band Asphalt? Could you give us as many details as possible?

“Yes! Asphalt played their debut performance in June 2006. Just after the first concert we realized that people wanted show no one had ever created before. Very few people in Ukraine had a chance of seeing rock shows of any kind, that’s why it proved easy for us, besides, a little bit later we understood: music fans must have something special and unusual that no other Ukrainian band could do. That’s how we started to attract public attention.”

Why do people sometimes call Asphalt a scandalous band?

“Oh, that’s a long story, it began on the day we put up a fight with two rock portals, and moreover, we filmed it and placed on the Internet, and so on...In short, we understood that fans wanted shows and scandals, and, as it turned out, there was no match for us. Without much thinking, Asphalt started a black PR company. Suddenly so many events that no one could predict began to happen to the band: Jam FM radio company brought an action against Asphalt, the band lost the case, still happy times were in store for the musicians, things soon changed for better. At that time the band got acquainted with UPV ART GROUP. I still remember my seeing at our forum their offer concerning cooperation. At that time many people were just afraid of communicating with us, don’t mention cooperating, but UPV ART GROUP took a chance and here’s the result!!! Moreover, we got 4 invitations to Moscow, later we were invited to St. Petersburg. Besides, we soon got into RADIO ROCKS UKRAINE playlist. In short, the band began to get more and more offers.”

Why did you take a chance of cooperation with UPV?

“No, not Asphalt, it was UPV who ran risk (laughing). In fact, we‘ve got much in common: common interests and ideas, besides, both Asphalt and UPV ART GROUP don’t aim to get much money, and it changes greatly the means of promotion in Ukrainian show business.”

What’s your appreciation of Chernobyl Dust video?

“The thing is that it was our first serious work, to be exact, UPV ART GROUP were working while we were just doing what we were told. Chernobyl Dust video reached a new standard, no other Asphalt clip had such a success before. Besides, our new style began to form with Chernobyl Dust, and it proved to be successful too.”

What do you think about Eddie Revenge project?

“Oh, Eddie...I can safely call this film a classic trash movie. That’s what trash amateurs and professionals should try to achieve.”

Would you like to shoot a movie themselves? Are you already doing it?

“We would like to, but on working with UPV ART GROUP we’ve realized it’s quite difficult. The matter is that UPV ART GROUP is a very professional studio, so, having worked with such people, we don’t want to create something inferior. Nevertheless, we are trying to shoot quite a good movie but it’s a great secret at the moment.”

What does trash mean to you?

“Trash, trash...I remember the first clip we wanted to film with UPV ART GROUP, it should have been in trash style but for some reasons the shooting didn’t start, and so, we didn’t get our own experience of trash. But judging by the films (I must say that I often watch trash movies to have fun) trash is not just a comedy for us, it’s an obvious indicator of life in our country.”

Do you worship Lucifer? 

“To tell you the truth, we don’t worship anyone, neither gods nor devils or someone like that.”

What about the national morals committee? 

“Oh, those idiots...I don’t want to talk about them”

Would you like to eat them?

“Yes, under mayonnaise dressing!” (Laughing)

There are rumours about the new album...

“Oh, yes, it’s lying on the shelf waiting for its hour. The point is that its release was to have been on March 21, but due to the circumstances (in connection with our new clip shooting) it was put off for a short term.”

Will it be a new level?

“In the album we present a new style and new level, though at the moment it’s not the level we’re striving to achieve, but I think we’ll get much higher soon.”

What’s its essence?

“The matter is that Asphalt changed its music style completely and it helped to achieve a new level”

Aren’t you afraid of disappointing your old fans with the new style?

“No! According to our interrogation, it must break the bank!”

And so the band’s last video about Schopenhauer...

“Oh, it’s something special for us as well as for Eddie. This is what I already told you at the beginning: we’ve got much in common with UPV ART GROUP and here’s the result of those interests – one more brilliant video.”

Have you read Schopenhauer? 

“We hadn’t even known anything about him before we started shooting.” (Laughing) 

When will your fans have the possibility of watching your new video and what will it look like?

“The terms of release are in secret at the moment, and so the video content. The only thing I can tell you for certain: it will be a BOMB.” 

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